Playing with my hair!

Recently, I have come to realize the importance of hair. As a dancer, hair is looked at differently. It tends to be put up in a bun, a french roll even, and not thought about (unless messy) until the day is done-zo. In University, I was dancing everyday, and not thinking about my hair. I would let it air dry and could not give two poops if it was frizzy. Since finishing my degree, I have come to the realization that when people put effort into their hair it makes their appearance seem put together, more chic, more finished.

So… I started to put more time and effort into my hair, and I have already been asked out on dates to grab coffee three times!!!


But actually, I feel like I am superwoman and can take on the world. I even started using a hair mask, like who am I?

Besides my life turning upside down, I actually have found that my hair is so much healthier,smoother, and shinier from this magical hair mask! Also, styling your hair does make a world of difference. I use a curling iron by Revlon and wrap my hair around the barrel (making sure not to burn myself), hold for about 20-30 seconds depending on how well your hair holds a curl, then finger comb the curls and VOILA! Easy, breezy, beautiful, and not your average cover girl.


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