My Escape.

Your room is your escape. Your escape from the real world. It should be a place where you go to relax and exhale all the negative and inhale positive. It should be a place where you can breathe. This starts with having a room that is tailored to who you are, as well as keeping it (for the most part) tidy. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to dust and vacuum your room everyday, it just means that you want to keep it clear of items that will distract you when you are trying to find calmness in all of the “hustle”.

Start with a color palette that you are attracted to! For me it was white, blue, grey, and green. I love the rustic yet effortless look, so I tried to incorporate as many green and wooden elements as I could. To achieve an effortlessly easy look, I layer items; such as pillows and the books beside my bed. The coolest part of my bed is the what it sits on; I made my bed frame from old junk palettes. I washed them down, sanded them and then painted them white. Then I placed them together so they would create a square, and put protective netting down on my floor (to prevent scratching). Now my room is a place where I can be creative, yet cool, calm, and collected.


Bed Comforter: Ikea

Pillows: Ikea

Navy Throw: Winners

Faux Sheep rug: Ikea

Black Lantern: Ikea

Hanging Basket with plant: Ikea

Capital S: Winners

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp: Homesense


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