Hey loves! It’s been way to long. Coming back atcha with an outfit of the day. I love a good neutral, and these pieces I’m wearing below are some of my staples! Stay curious and stay creative xoxo


Scarf: Calvin Klein

Top: H&M

Jeans: Levis

Shoes: Aerosoles


Boho Chic: Rehearsal Dinner

My cousin is getting married this weekend!! I am so excited to get to share this special day with her and her soon to be hubby. Both myself and my sister are in the bridal party, as well as two other gals (blog post to come on the wedding). Last night was the rehearsal dinner, we got to look at the venue, and practice how we walk /strut like Beyonce down the isle… lets be honest though, that’s going to be me on my wedding day ( LOL first I have to find a boyfriend). After the rehearsal we went back to my cousins house and had a barbecue! So great to hang with everybody and take a breather before the big day!

The outfit I chose to wear to the rehearsal dinner was Bohemian Chic. I wanted a classy and never trashy look. For my makeup I kept it neutral, so bronzer (because your girl is pasty) as well as a rose lip. As for hair, I just used my curling wand to create waves (Find my hair tips and tricks here). Everything I wore to the dinner and barbecue is affordable, which is why I love this look so much. Shop the look below! And don’t forget to stay curios and stay creative. xoxo

The Dress: I found one similar to the one I am wearing in the pictures! This dress is so comfortable, light weight, and hugs your body in the right places. It’s a great dress for a nice dinner, a summer wedding, or just wanting to look hella good.

The Jacket: I found one similar to the trench shown above. It’s a great light weight spring jacket for whatever Vancouver’s unpredictable weather patterns will throw at you. I love tying a bow in the back, to add flow to an outfit.

The Shoes: These are just any typical nude/ bone color heel (EXCEPT they are extremely comfortable) I wore these all night and my feet did not hurt one bit. They are the perfect height and would look good with almost any outfit! Such a staple.

Playing with my hair!

Recently, I have come to realize the importance of hair. As a dancer, hair is looked at differently. It tends to be put up in a bun, a french roll even, and not thought about (unless messy) until the day is done-zo. In University, I was dancing everyday, and not thinking about my hair. I would let it air dry and could not give two poops if it was frizzy. Since finishing my degree, I have come to the realization that when people put effort into their hair it makes their appearance seem put together, more chic, more finished.

So… I started to put more time and effort into my hair, and I have already been asked out on dates to grab coffee three times!!!


But actually, I feel like I am superwoman and can take on the world. I even started using a hair mask, like who am I?

Besides my life turning upside down, I actually have found that my hair is so much healthier,smoother, and shinier from this magical hair mask! Also, styling your hair does make a world of difference. I use a curling iron by Revlon and wrap my hair around the barrel (making sure not to burn myself), hold for about 20-30 seconds depending on how well your hair holds a curl, then finger comb the curls and VOILA! Easy, breezy, beautiful, and not your average cover girl.


Shop my hair products!


Abbotsford Tulip Festival.

This was such a fun day! We went to the Abbotsford Tulip Festival. Besides the beautiful Tulips and insta-worthy pictures you will snap, make sure you bring a pair of good rainboots as the mud is out of this world.

Jacket: Forever 21

Hat: H&M


My Escape.

Your room is your escape. Your escape from the real world. It should be a place where you go to relax and exhale all the negative and inhale positive. It should be a place where you can breathe. This starts with having a room that is tailored to who you are, as well as keeping it (for the most part) tidy. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to dust and vacuum your room everyday, it just means that you want to keep it clear of items that will distract you when you are trying to find calmness in all of the “hustle”.

Start with a color palette that you are attracted to! For me it was white, blue, grey, and green. I love the rustic yet effortless look, so I tried to incorporate as many green and wooden elements as I could. To achieve an effortlessly easy look, I layer items; such as pillows and the books beside my bed. The coolest part of my bed is the what it sits on; I made my bed frame from old junk palettes. I washed them down, sanded them and then painted them white. Then I placed them together so they would create a square, and put protective netting down on my floor (to prevent scratching). Now my room is a place where I can be creative, yet cool, calm, and collected.


Bed Comforter: Ikea

Pillows: Ikea

Navy Throw: Winners

Faux Sheep rug: Ikea

Black Lantern: Ikea

Hanging Basket with plant: Ikea

Capital S: Winners

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp: Homesense